The First “FC Barcelona” NFT Lunched in Times Square NYC


This is a piece of good news for those who buy NFT and also FC Barcelona fans, They Launch First-Ever NFT in Times Square NYC and they will be delighted to see their favorite team’s emblem in the very heart of New York City, Times Square. FC Barcelona has chosen Johan Cruyff for their inaugural NFT. He was a legendary Player who spent five years at Barcelona between 1973 to 1978. On the morning of 24 March 2016, in a clinic in Barcelona, Cruyff died at the age of 68, surrounded by his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Barcelona’s NFT, and Minimum Bid Price

In Barcelona’s, NFT beautiful movement is captured, displaying “flying” over the goalkeeper of F.C. Atletico Madrid back in 1973. The minimum bid is currently set at $120,000, and the NFT will be displayed on the main screen in a golden frame.

The auction is organized by Sotheby’s and this will be held online and in physical form in Times Square NYC.

There are also benefits of this NFT, Who claim that NFT will also be in receipt of a number of other perks, including meet & greets before F.C. Barcelona games, exclusive VIP seats, member-only events, hospitality rights, and more. The pass, known as ‘Barça Digital Ambassador’ will be valid for at least 5 years, and the future owner of the NFT will obtain exclusive access to training camps.

FC Barcelona NFTs

There is not one NFT, 9 more F.C. Barcelona NFTs To come. The official F.C. Barcelona blog post announced that the NFT, titled ‘Immortal, In a Way’, will be the opening piece of a much bigger collection and the NFT collection was also explained to feature the “historical heritage and club legacy” of F.C. Barcelona. They highlighted every past movement of F.C. Barcenola’s history shall be appreciated separately.

The club is creating a “Cinematic Experience” for the fans, and of course, to create an NFT collection takes a lot of work and time. Reportedly, 40 of the best visual effects & computer graphics artists from Hollywood have been brought into the project, and the main, cornerstone NFT piece will also come with a soundtrack that features an authentic orchestra, mixed with the emphatic sounds heard from the passionate crowd at Camp Nou.

As reported by FC Barcelona, the artists spent over 10,000 hours creating the phenomenal NFT collection, while the statue of Johan Cruyff alone took an additional 1,000 hours.

Why Sport’s NFT is Important

Sports NFTs are becoming popular day by day and the rapid growth in collaboration between purveyors of blockchain technology and sports is projected to generate over $2 billion in 2022 alone.